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Goodbye to Party Fun For Little Ones

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This blog will no longer be updated, but will remain active so you can look over all the past posts and parties :)

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Monday, December 22, 2014

Australia Day Celebration Ideas

So I am off on holidays soon and will be gone all of January, so thought I would jump in early and write up a little Australia Day post for you all, as it will be here before we know it!  

Be it beach, BBQ, cricket, fireworks, family & friends  ~ Australia Day 26 January is a day where we can celebrate our wonderful country and how lucky we are to live here.  

What are some of the things you love about Australia ?  I love the flag, love the Aussie accent and the slang that only Aussies understand and I love the kangaroo road signs (dorky thing to love but its just home!).

So keeping in the Aussie spirit, here are a few yummy food ideas, decorations and crafts perfect for your Aussie Day celebrations!

Prawn and Avocado Skewers with Seafood Sauce via 

How delish do these BBQ Mango Cheeks with Lamb look? recipe via Food.

Yummy Vegemite Scrolls.  Recipe via Motherpedia. 

Great way to jazz up a simple fruit platter by setting up like the Australia flag via Kidspot. 

Gorgeous Koala themed cupcakes via Something I Whipped Up.

Lamingtons, yum!  Easy to make recipe via Ganache Patisserie. 

Iced vovo cake recipe via Raspberri Cupcakes. 

Free Australia Day Printables - great to fancy up a cake!  Download it via Funkytime.

How adorable are these Bush Buddies free printables from Tiny Me. These would be gorgeous to decorate treats for the kids. 

How fun would an Australia Day photo booth be with these fun printable photo booth props ? Purchase via Upon a Time Designs.

This gorgeous Aussie Bush Garland would be a lovely way to decorate an Australia Day party or table.  Tutorial via A Little Delightful

Sydney Opera House craft.  Tutorial via Kidspot.

Wishing you all a Happy Australia Day!! 

Kate xx

Lego Party Ideas

Lego is a classic toy that has been entertaining kids for generations. Nowadays Lego goes well beyond just being a box of blocks and is available in a wide range of themes perfect for boys and girls of all ages.  With so many themes available or even just sticking to the more traditional Lego look, it makes for a great kids party theme with lots of fun and creative ideas for food and decorations. 

Looking for fun ideas for your Lego themed party?  Check out some of these cool DIY ideas for easy to make items that are great for getting the kids involved & links for more great Lego party inspiration. 

Check out these Lego biscuits, effective & super easy to make!  All you have to do is purchase some rectangle biscuits, ice them & add smarties or M & M's to make these cute Lego blocks.  Great for the kids to help with too! 

How cute are these ?  Little Lego head favours, made from old baby food jars, a bit of spray paint and a black texta.  Then simply fill with treats for your guests or to display at your party.  To see how to DIY, head to the obSEUSSED blog for instructions.  (How cute are the Lego faces the children have drawn? in their blog post - too precious!)  Another great way to get the kids involved in the party planning.

Cake pops are always a hit at parties & these cool Lego cake pops would be no exception. Easy to follow recipe available at Living Locurto blog (be sure to check out Amy's Lego party while you are there for more fun ideas)

Party Printables are an awesome and affordable way to tie your theme into your party table.  These fun printables by Crackers Art are one of my faves.  To see the range available & to find out how to order head over to the Crackers Art Etsy Store. 

I love this idea, write the birthday child's name with Lego.  By Ah - Tissue via Kara's Party Ideas. 

Food dishes made out of Duplo blocks. Image via Dukes & Duchesses.

This is a fun way to display cupcakes or treats!  Image via Little Party Love. 

Easy Blocks cake kit from Cake 2 the Rescue. 

Awesome Lego 'Themed' Parties Inspiration

Fantastic Lego City Police Party table by Partylicious.  

Lego Chima Party by Cake Paper Party. 

Lego Ninjago party by Lisa's Busy Little Life. 

Lego Starwars party by The Party Wall. 

Hope you have found some fun inspiration for your Lego Party!  If you are looking for party suppliers or entertainment for your party don't forget to check out our What's On 4 Kids - PARTY DIRECTORY. 

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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Handmade Christmas Gift Ideas

For me, I love nothing more than receiving home made gifts.  I would rather a homemade gift from my kids than any store bought gift and I am always excited to open the gifts they made for me at school on Christmas morning.  Making homemade gifts is a great way to spend time with your family and also a great way to give your family and friends that special something at Christmas that was not only made with love but also won't break your bank account at what is generally a very costly time of year.   Here are a few special gift ideas and links to their tutorials that would be perfect for gifts for teachers, parents and grandparents. 

1. Terrariums are mini gardens that are planted in glass jars or similar.  Along with little plants you can add tiny figurines of people or animals to give it your own special touch.  Image & tutorial via All Dressed in Blue

2. Mini Cookie Snow globes.  Make and decorate your own cookies and then display them as a little snow globe.  Such a cute idea and lots of fun for the kids to create.  Image & tutorial from Bee in our Bonnet  via I Heart Naptime (follow this link for the tutorial). 

3. Mistletoe's pictures.  I adore this idea and it would be especially cute for any new babies in the family.  Image and tutorial via Pinky for Pink. 

4. Hand Print Pillow.  Image and tutorial via Sugar Bee Crafts. 

5.  Reasons why I love you jars.  Fill a jar with all the reasons why they love the gift recipient.  I would love to receive one of these from my kids, how special!  Image and tutorial via Better Homes & Gardens. 

6. Peppermint Cookie Fudge.  Yum!  Image and tutorial via Bubble and Sweet.

7.  Make gorgeous handmade Christmas cards or gift tags with paint swatches.  Image and tutorial via Angela Sgro Designs.  

8.  Handmade soaps.  So many gorgeous colours and scents you could use.  If making soaps for children make clear soaps and add in cute little toy figurines.  Image and tutorial via Gluesticks. 

Happy Christmas! 

Kate xx

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Planning a Teenagers Party with Em Rusciano

As a comedian, writer, singer, television and radio presenter, Em Rusciano is one of the most well rounded and talented performers in Australia.  She's our guest blogger today and shares with us her experience of planning a party for a teenager. 

Hello friends
My first born, my baby, my glorious cherub Marchella recently turned 13.  I'm still waiting for the second head to appear, I'll keep you posted on that one.
Because I am an excellent Mother (read: idiot push over who never learns her lesson) both of my kids get to have a birthday party each year. Nothing outrageous and crazy Kardashian style (although last year things did get pretty wild when one kid accidentally snorted whizz fizz up his nose) just a few of their mates at out place, usually for a sleep over.  Sleep! Ha!
Well this year, things changed. They took a rather adolescent turn.  This year I was told that she would like a "gathering" not a party, I didn't take it well.
"A what? Are we not calling it a party anymore? Should I put the Women's weekly birthday cake circa 1975 away?
No Barbie swimming pool cake made from jelly and real barbie dolls then?" I quizzed her.  "No Mum, a gathering. People have gathoes not parties ok. No novelty cakes, no games, no lolly bags and no singing happy birthday."
Say what now? What's the point then?! What was I to do with the ten thirteen year old girls descending upon my house? Have them sit staring at a wall for 5 hours? My kid had taken away my best material! So now I was facing a "gathering" that was sounding about as fun as discovering a fermented nappy under your car seat after 6 months of "what is THAT smell?" (Obviously I don't need to tell you, this happened to me.)
I was most disappointed about the cake part, each time a birthday rolls around the girls and I pour over the birthday cake bible aka Women's weekly cake book and painstakingly pick a cake to recreate. I use the term recreate very loosely, one year I tried to make a caterpillar cake- it ended up something like this.

So I set to work researching what could be done at Teenage birthday parties and I thought I'd share with you what I came up with.
The party.. Sorry, gathering, was a huge success so I feel like these tips may actually be useful!
Activities (Do not call them games under any circumstances or they won't fly)
1. Balloon dares: 
Write dares on a small piece of paper, ram them inside a balloon, then blow it up. Hang the balloons off a washing basket and have the girls pop them with a pin one at a time. Some of our dares included: 
*Have the person next to you take a really awful photo of you, upload it to instagram. 
*Smell everyone's feet and rank them best to worst. 
*Swap pants with the person next to you. 
*Text "I like the smell of my own farts" to the last person you sms'd on your phone. 
*Spin in circles and put red lipstick on. 
I found incorporating their social media was a big hit, they all have their phones glued to their heads anyway so they were totally down with this one. (Sorry for writing "totally down" that will never happen again.)
2. Mummy make-over. 
Make two teams, give them many rolls of toilet paper, lipstick, glitter, scraps of material, gaffer tape and a black sharpie. One member must be wrapped head to toe in toilet paper and beautified. The most decorative mummy wins.
3. Wardrobe raiders. 
This one may not work for you but since I have a large costume/clothing cupboard it kept them entertained for at least an hour. The ladies were sent off to put themselves in my clothes and shoes. After they were done they stood in front of a large white sheet we'd hung up and an epic photo shoot commenced. I then emailed them all the photos.
The night ended with a giant chocolate non novelty mud cake I'd acquired from Costco and happy birthday was sung. I know I went against the directives with the singing however there was no way I was giving up that particular tradition.
Hopefully this has been of some use to those of you facing the transition from parties where your guests wet their pants to parties where your guests roll their eyes and scream a lot. Look as we all know the wee-ing of the pants can come back as an adult, if the party is REALLY good.
Not sorry.
Good luck! 
Your friend, Em.

Twitter: @EmRusciano
Em Rusciano Official Face Book 

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Family Halloween Activites

Well it's that time of year again, so a little Halloween fun on the blog today.  A few fun new activities for the kiddies including Craft, baking and make your own Halloween decorations. 

1. Mason Jar Lanterns.  These are really cute and you could make them in lots of different styles.  Image and full tutorial on According to Kelly. 

2. Paint Halloween Rocks.  This is a nice easy one that would be lots of fun for the kids.  Just find rocks in your garden and paint them in your own Halloween style.  Image and full tutorial on Multiples and More. 

3. Little Frankenstein Marshmallow Pops.  Easy cooking activity for the kids lots of fun and super yum! Image and full tutorial on Celebrations. 

4.  Recycled Soft Drink Bottle Ghosts.  An easy and fun way to decorate your home for Halloween. Image and full tutorial on Mom in Forward.

5.  Monster Feet.  We made these once with the kids and they stomped around in them for weeks until they fell apart, loved them!  Full tutorial on Womens Forum. 

6. Mummy Drink Bottles.  These would make excellent gifts or party favours or just for the kids to take to school as their drink bottle on Halloween.  Image and full tutorial on Fave Crafts. 

7. Jack O Lanterns.  With Halloween becoming more popular in Australia, supermarkets release carving pumpkins in the lead up to Halloween perfect to make your own Lanterns.  Image and full tutorial on Home Life. 

8.  Egg Carton Bats & Leaf Ghosts.  Fun hanging decorations to get into the Halloween spirit.  Image and full tutorial from iVillage. 

Have a happy and safe Halloween!

Kate x

Sunday, August 31, 2014

10 Fun Kids Party Games

Kids love playing party games and I have compiled a list of easy party games that are loads of fun to play and also budget friendly. 

Most games can be played using everyday items from around the home and small prizes such as sweets, stickers, stamps or whistles can be purchased from party shops or discount stores. 

1. Pass the Parcel
Wrap a main prize with wrapping paper. Continue adding wrapping layers and include a small treat with each layer.  Have all guests sit in a circle and pass the parcel around to music.  When the music stops the person holding the parcel unwraps a layer, until all the layers are removed. You can also use a 'parcel box' instead and fill with treats and kids choose a prize from the box when the music stops on them. Easy to use your own box or purchase an electronic Pass the Parcel box. 

Piece of Cake Parties & Celebrations 

Electronic Pass the Parcel from Online Toys

2. Donuts on a String
Each player needs a donut.  You can tie them all on to one big piece of string or ribbon or tie and hang up individually. Contestants then have to try and eat their donut using only their mouths, no hands allowed.  First one to finish their donut wins. 

Madly Stylish Events (photo Tiffany Boerner)

3. Marshmallow Pick Up 
Empty a packet of mini marshmallows in the center of the table. Give all guests a noodle box and a set of chop sticks. See who can pick up the most marshmallows with their chopsticks. 

Creative Party Ideas by Cheryl

4. Bobbing For Apples
Fill some small tubs with water and add a few apples to each. Contestants then kneel down and hold their hands behind their backs. It is then a race to see who can pull out an apple in their mouth/teeth without using their hands. (Close adult supervision is obviously required for this game!) 

Piece of Cake Parties & Celebrations 
5. Limbo
Have the two people hold the limbo stick (you can use a broom/mop stick). Start the game by holding the stick about 1.5m from the ground.  Everyone in line must then go under the stick by walking forward and bending backward under the stick.  If someone touches the stick they are out.   Once everyone has had a turn going under start again by lowering the stick.  Continue lowering the stick each round until there is only one player that can make it under the stick.

6. Pinata
Hang the pinata and have guests stand in a line at least three meters away.  Each child then gets two hits of the pinata (blindfold optional).  Take turns until the pinata breaks.  Let everyone collect the sweets and treats (make sure the stick is removed before collecting goodies.) 

A fun spin on the traditional pinata is to fill individual balloons with sweets and confetti.  Guests then take turns to pop a balloon with a pin and collect the goodies inside. 

Via Pinterest/original source no longer available

7. Backyard Kerplunk
The object of the game is to remove the stick without any balls falling out. Each player takes a turn to remove one stick at a time. The person with the least amount of balls wins. 

Image & Full Tutorial All Parenting

8. Egg & Spoon Races
Give each child a wooden spoon and an egg.  Place the egg on the spoon and walk as fast as you can to the finish line without dropping your egg. 
9. Pool Noodles & Balloon Game
Using only pool noodles try and get as many balloons as you can into your basket.  The person with the most balloons wins. 

10. Glow in the Dark Ring Toss
A fun spin on traditional ring toss.  Using necklace glow sticks, take turns throwing at the stick.  Try different ways of tossing the rings such as hopping on one foot, throwing backwards etc. 
Not Consumed

**TIP - Parents, have your cameras ready.  We have played some of these games at my childrens parties and it was a blast!  Everyone was having a great time and laughing and it made for some simple but amazing memories. 

Kate xx