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10 Fun Kids Party Games

Kids love playing party games and I have compiled a list of easy party games that are loads of fun to play and also budget friendly. 

Most games can be played using everyday items from around the home and small prizes such as sweets, stickers, stamps or whistles can be purchased from party shops or discount stores. 

1. Pass the Parcel
Wrap a main prize with wrapping paper. Continue adding wrapping layers and include a small treat with each layer.  Have all guests sit in a circle and pass the parcel around to music.  When the music stops the person holding the parcel unwraps a layer, until all the layers are removed. You can also use a 'parcel box' instead and fill with treats and kids choose a prize from the box when the music stops on them. Easy to use your own box or purchase an electronic Pass the Parcel box. 

Piece of Cake Parties & Celebrations 

Electronic Pass the Parcel from Online Toys

2. Donuts on a String
Each player needs a donut.  You can tie them all on to one big piece of string or ribbon or tie and hang up individually. Contestants then have to try and eat their donut using only their mouths, no hands allowed.  First one to finish their donut wins. 

Madly Stylish Events (photo Tiffany Boerner)

3. Marshmallow Pick Up 
Empty a packet of mini marshmallows in the center of the table. Give all guests a noodle box and a set of chop sticks. See who can pick up the most marshmallows with their chopsticks. 

Creative Party Ideas by Cheryl

4. Bobbing For Apples
Fill some small tubs with water and add a few apples to each. Contestants then kneel down and hold their hands behind their backs. It is then a race to see who can pull out an apple in their mouth/teeth without using their hands. (Close adult supervision is obviously required for this game!) 

Piece of Cake Parties & Celebrations 
5. Limbo
Have the two people hold the limbo stick (you can use a broom/mop stick). Start the game by holding the stick about 1.5m from the ground.  Everyone in line must then go under the stick by walking forward and bending backward under the stick.  If someone touches the stick they are out.   Once everyone has had a turn going under start again by lowering the stick.  Continue lowering the stick each round until there is only one player that can make it under the stick.

6. Pinata
Hang the pinata and have guests stand in a line at least three meters away.  Each child then gets two hits of the pinata (blindfold optional).  Take turns until the pinata breaks.  Let everyone collect the sweets and treats (make sure the stick is removed before collecting goodies.) 

A fun spin on the traditional pinata is to fill individual balloons with sweets and confetti.  Guests then take turns to pop a balloon with a pin and collect the goodies inside. 

Via Pinterest/original source no longer available

7. Backyard Kerplunk
The object of the game is to remove the stick without any balls falling out. Each player takes a turn to remove one stick at a time. The person with the least amount of balls wins. 

Image & Full Tutorial All Parenting

8. Egg & Spoon Races
Give each child a wooden spoon and an egg.  Place the egg on the spoon and walk as fast as you can to the finish line without dropping your egg. 
9. Pool Noodles & Balloon Game
Using only pool noodles try and get as many balloons as you can into your basket.  The person with the most balloons wins. 

10. Glow in the Dark Ring Toss
A fun spin on traditional ring toss.  Using necklace glow sticks, take turns throwing at the stick.  Try different ways of tossing the rings such as hopping on one foot, throwing backwards etc. 
Not Consumed

**TIP - Parents, have your cameras ready.  We have played some of these games at my childrens parties and it was a blast!  Everyone was having a great time and laughing and it made for some simple but amazing memories. 

Kate xx

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