Monday, August 20, 2012

Rainbow Party Ideas

Rainbow parties are certainly popular at the moment but rainbow specific party products can be tricky to come across.  But that just means you can get super crafty with your party planning!  Plenty of fun ideas out there for rainbow parties and a great way to get the kids involved with the planning as well.  Here are a few fun things I have found to help with planning your Rainbow Party :)

Rainbow Party Printables

Check out this gorgeous rainbow party by The Yummy Paper Company using their Rainbow Party printables.  Love the balloon rainbow as well, simple to do but super effective!  You can see the range and purchase here

Gorgeous Rainbow Printables set from Fairydust Stylish Stationery (click for purchase details)

Here is a gorgeous set of FREE party printables from Paper Glitter find out how to download them here

Rainbow Party Food Ideas

I love this fruit salad rainbow.  My kids would for sure just eat the marshmallows haha but a fun way to display healthly food options! (Image via San Diego Cooks)

Orange Jelly Wedges.  These i think are super cool! Check out Quick Dish by Tablespoon for a how to guide.

Rainbow Cakes of course.  Easy to do, find how to guide here via Piece of Cake Parties & Celebrations blog

Rainbow Party Supplies

Tissue Paper Garlands ~ Standard product picture may not look like much but these look amazing once opened out and hung, they make a fabulous table backdrop when multiple are hung straight down next to each other.  Available at Piece of Cake Parties & Celebrations

Rainbow Party Lanterns available at Birthday Express 

Sambellina Multi colour dot tableware available from Piece of Cake Parties & Celebrations
Rainbow Treat Boxes available at Lark

Happy Planning :)

Kate xx

Friday, August 10, 2012

Declan's Dinosaur Roar 3rd Birthday Party!

Well it was my little man Declan's 3rd Birthday a couple of weeks ago and this years party theme was Dinosaurs!

Declan's Dinosaur obsession started after he saw Justine Clarke's ' Dinosaur Roar'  on ABC.  It has since been played regularly in our household and was the basis for our Dinosaur party with our backdrop and props that hubby made, based around the film clip.  I had initially visioned a really cute baby Dino style for the party, but Declan wouldn't have a bar of that!  He wanted scary dinosaurs and T-Rex's all the way :)

One of the main highlights especially for Declan was the unreal Dinosaur statues that we hired.  After many times driving past the Museum of Natural History and jokingly saying to hubby ' I wonder if they would let me borrow their Dino statue for the party' , I nearly jumped out of my skin in excitement when we actually went there on the school holidays for a visit and I read that they hired them out! Yep Mum and Dad were pretty popular on party day, until we had to take them back! Declan wasn't impressed once he noticed and demanded to know "Where are MY dinosaurs gone! ?" hehe, blamed that one on Daddy!  :)

I made all the food & desserts myself this year (scary i know! regular readers will know how i feel about cooking, baking especially!), except the awesome cookies which I had made by Kate's Cookies.  Hubby made the backdrop and props as mentioned above and the rest was all bits and pieces from around the house.  Party supplies from Piece of Cake Parties of course :) and awesome party printables fromWhimsical Printables.

The day was wonderful and enjoyed by all and we had such a blast putting this all together.  Hope you enjoy the pics! 

The Invitations
Follow the footprints ...

Trex Cookies - the detail on these was amazing and they were so yum! 

Our Dinosaur Roar Dessert Table! Choc milks, cupcakes, mars bar slice, T Rex Cookies, Donuts, Chocolate Crackles, Chocolate Eggs, Dino Dirts (choc yogo), flakes & twirls, pods & chocolate rocks.

The Kids Table using Piece of Cake Parties awesome Dino Blast Tableware, brown paper straws & Paper Eskimo wooden cutlery.  

 Take Home Party Boxes

Dinosaur Masks & Dinosaur Grabbers out in the play area. 

The Birthday Boy being fed to the Raptor! 

Vendor Credits

Piece of Cake Parties & Celebrations - Styling, Dino Blast tableware & banner, paper straws, mini milk bottles, leaves, dinosaur figurines, balloons, pterodactyl hanging decorations, baking cups, party box contents, dinosaur masks, dinosaur grabbers, dino footprints, backdrop, green trees on dessert table, table props.

Whimiscal Printables - Dinosaur Printables (a Big thank you to you Miranda, you know what for!! It was an absolute pleasure working with you !)

Lightbox Photography - Photograhy.  (Thanks Emily for capturing these memories!)

Museum of Natural History Guildford - Dinosaur Statue Hire (Thanks for being so helpful & trusting us with these!)

Kate's Cookies - T Rex Cookies.  (Thanks Kate, these were awesome!)

Pink Frosting - Red Tin Pails

If you want to see more of our party pics, be sure to have a look on our facebook page! :)

Kate xx