Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Family Valentines Day ♥

With our lives being so busy with kids, school & sport runs, work, technology and general household duties I find that sometimes the week has gone by and we haven't really had any true quality time together as a family as regular life and routines take over. 

For those with families, Valentines Day can become a special day where you can call some time out, set aside a few hours with no distractions and just spend time together as a family playing, talking, laughing and just enjoying each others company.

Here are some fun activities to do for a family Valentines Day ♥ (Click on the links to find the How to Guide for each activity)

Marshmallow Heart Necklaces via Cute Food For Kids 
Cute love heart sandwiches, would be sweet to pop in school kids lunchboxes via Cute Food For Kids 
Decorated Heart Cookie Pops via The Tom Kat Studio 

How cute are these! Would be fun to make for little Valentines gifts for friends :) via Spoonful 
These are adorable! Cute Valentines gifts via Spoonful 
Sweet and simple, hand print cards.  Hand prints are always a winner for me because im going to miss those tiny hands when they grow up via Rosy Posy 

I was thinking a picnic for us this Valentines Day though with the super hot weather here in Perth at the moment, I think fish and chips down the beach might be a winner :)

image found here

Happy Valentines Day everyone ♥ 

Kate xx


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