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Birthday Party Entertainment Ideas

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When planning a child's birthday party an important factor to consider is; what are the children going to do for entertainment ? Whether you are thinking of having a venue party or home party it's important to consider entertainment in your preparation and budget. 

There is an endless amount of possibilities for party entertainment, suitable for all themes, ages and budgets.  Not sure what to do? Have a read through the list of popular ideas below. 

Venue Parties

There is a huge range of venues that cater for childrens parties. Most places tend to offer a selection of party packages that include entry, food and cake options and suit a range of budgets. (Plus you don't have to clean up!)

- Play Centres
- Rollerskating Rinks
- Mini Golf
- Swimming Pools
- Local clubs such as dance, gymnastics & karate are now starting to offer children's birthday parties
- Laser Tag
- Timezone/Video Arcades 

Home or Park Party Entertainment and Activity Ideas

Traditional Games and Free Play

Sometimes some of the best parties are where children are just allowed to run around and free play with a few traditional party games thrown in.  Some old favourites include;

- Pass the Parcel
- Musical Bobs
- Musical Statues
- Musical Chairs
- Bobbing for Apples
- Egg & Spoon Race
- Sack Races
- Pinata

Bouncy Castles

Bouncy castles are a lot of fun for kids & adults alike.  There is a wide range of companies in each state who offer bouncy castles for hire, in a range of sizes and traditional or licensed designs.  Hire fees normally range between $100.00 to $500.00 for the more advanced castles which can include slides and obstacles. 

Domestic use bouncy castles are also available for purchase at shops such as Kmart , Target and various online stores.  Again prices can range from $100.00 - $500.00 but you can use time and time again.

Party Entertainers

There are a wide range of party entertainers available to provide various entertainment at your celebration. Such as;

- Clowns
- Magician
- Fairy, Princess & Pirate Characters
- Superhero Characters
- Travelling Animal Farms 
- Balloon Animals
- Face Painting
- Pony Rides
- Spa & Pamper Parties
- Cupcake Decorating

See our post here on important things to consider when 'Hiring a Party Entertainer'.

Craft Activities

Art & Craft Activities are easy to organise and loads of fun for kids of all ages. The craft activity can also double up as a take home party gift.  Some great craft options are;

- Sand Art
- Plaster Painting
- Play dough
- Painting

Check out some of the fabulous craft activity packs available from Activity Packs, such as sand art & plaster painting. 

So many fun options available.  Have you got some great ideas for childrens party entertainment ?  We would love to hear about it, so please dont hesitate to leave us a comment & tell us your ideas :)

If you are looking for party entertainment for your next party, be sure to check out our Party Directory for a great range of party entertainers & services. 

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