Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Guest Blog - Origami-A-Go-Go

Origami-A-Go-Go Party by Guests Lisa Howe and Alison Kenter. 

Lisa and Alison, the Origami-A-Go-Go Girls, specialise in teaching groups of girls how to make beautifully constructed origami paper delights. A fresh, new party idea for girls aged 6 and up. 

Origami was HUGE in the 70s and with everyone loving a bit of craft these days it’s making a big comeback in kindergartens, primary schools and now children’s parties.  It’s good for the brain, the experts tell us. It’s great for hand/eye co-ordination and excellent at developing fine motor skills. It is also enormously satisfying – just ask anyone who’s mastered the classic crane!

Lisa Howe and Alison Kenter launched their ‘Origami-A-Go-Go’ party concept earlier this year after finding it hard to manage the long hours of a TV career with caring for their growing families.

“I fell in love with origami all over again,” says Lisa, “when I discovered the most exquisite 1950’s shaped origami dress at a craft fair. It appealed to the little girl inside me so I taught myself to make it and then I taught my nieces and friends’ daughters. They soon became as obsessed as I was!”

The technical aspect of origami is often overlooked but the construction of a 3D masterpiece from a flat piece of paper is a marvel to behold. 

“Origami teaches you patience, precision and persistence.  I look forward to hearing that my little folding party-goers have progressed to careers in architecture, industrial design or engineering, all because they learned how to fold a beautiful dress out of a piece of paper!”

Origami-A-Go-Go encourages co-operation amongst the girls. Listening and concentrating is essential to success and despite the educational aspect it is great fun –and environmentally friendly!

Book an Origami-A-Go-Go party and show your daughter that construction is a valuable, skill. It doesn't have to be all trigonometry and clipboards, your little engineer can be fabulous and graceful!

Disclaimer: your daughter may also inadvertently learn a bit about geography, history and Japanese culture during one of these parties!

Contact Us;
Lisa Howe 0416 221 834
Alison Kenter 0403 915 913


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