Monday, October 1, 2012

Fun Party Bag Ideas

I love Party Bags!  I am always the first one to raid the kids party bags after a party, though they are getting older and I dont get much of a look in these days, sometimes I'm lucky if I get given a half eaten lollipop, slobber and all haha :)

Making party bags is one of the things I enjoy the most about planning the kids parties and I think its a great way to get really creative as there are lots of fun ways to package and present your take home goodies. 

Here are a few ideas of fun and affordable party bag/take home gift options. 

Simple but Sweet Lolly Bags

A simple and affordable bag of sweets is always a winner with kids & its easy to make them look great!  Make sure you choose lollies suitable to your age group to avoid choking hazards with little ones.  In our house we love to add things like marshmallows, smarties, freddo frogs & lollipops. 

Pretty Packaging for Lolly Bags;

-  Fill a themed or plain paper cup with lollies, wrap in clear cello and tie with a nice ribbon. A thank you tag can also be added for a more personalised touch. 

- Fill a brown paper bag with goodies (lunch bags from the supermarket work fine) then fold over a paper doily on top, clip in place with a cute wooden peg.   In place of the doily you can also just clip on a thank you tag. 

- Clear cello treat tubes can be filled with various sweets such as M & M's, Jelly Beans or Malteasers then a cute tag and bow added to finish them off. 

(Brown Bags image via Pop Roc Parties blog - Treat Tubes picture & also buy via Treat Tubes)

Story Books, Colouring Books & Pencils

I love the idea of giving a little story book or a colouring book and pencils as a take home party favor.  Wrap them up in some brown paper and tie a bow with string and you have a cute take home gift that is guaranteed to be used and loved by little guests.  (You can often find lovely books for only a few dollars or less at discount shops & at regular department stores.  I adore kids books and always find its handy to grab a few when they are on sale as they make great gifts.)

Party Boxes

Party boxes are available in lots of fun colours & themes and they are a fun way to present your party favors.  They are cardboard but can still be reused to carry around little toys such as matchbox cars etc.  My kids really love little boxes and often keep hold of their party boxes to carry their toys in. 

Some fun novelties to include in party boxes are temporary tattoos, glow sticks, mini cars, hair clips  stickers, stamps and bubbles. 

Cupcakes, Cookies & Chocolate Wands

A little cupcake in a cute cupcake box or a decorated cookie in some cello with a ribbon make a great take home gift.  You can also make cupcake or cookie decorating an activity to do at the party and then wrap them up for them to take home as their 'party bag'.

I adore these chocolate wands and they are definitely on my to do list!  They can be made super gorgeous and girly with flowers and sparkles and easily made more masculine with different coloured sprinkles & ribbons for our little men. Follow the link to 'Such Pretty Things' for the full how to instructions. (Picture via Such Pretty Things)

Mini Pot Plants

Have party guests paint & decorate their own plant pot then add a little plant or some seeds to take home and grow.  Another great way to combine a party activity and take home gift. Most little ones will love taking care of their little plant at home and its a great way for them to learn responsibility.  Fun & educational :)

(Image via Bespoke Bride)

If you are looking for fun party bags, boxes or novelty fillers be sure to check out all our great party suppliers via the Party Directory to see what great products are available. 

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