Friday, October 12, 2012

Family Halloween Fun!

Hello! Thought I would do a little post today with a few fun things to do for those who partake in Halloween celebrations.   We love to get into Halloween, we always have little treats for door knockers and usually take the kids trick or treating.  I must admit I would love to see Halloween in a country like the USA where the day is widely celebrated, I think the atmosphere would be a blast :)

Trick or Treating

If Trick or Treaters are welcome at your door hang some orange balloons or streamers on your front porch or letterbox so they know it's a Halloween friendly house.

Why not get the kids involved in making their own Halloween costume ?  Handmade is always extra special & things like cardboard boxes, tubes, alfoil, material scraps & some paint are all items that can be used that we normally have around the house or can get cheap at discount shops.  Check out this Scuba Diver, Hot Air Balloon & Lego Man how awesome!  Check out the link to see some other great homemade costume examples - CRAFT Creating Really Awesome Free Things

Another fun activity you can do in the lead up to Halloween is make little treats for Trick or Treaters who come to your door.  We have made some cute little 'Lollipop Spiders' and the kids had a lot of fun making them.  Very easy you need;

Pipe Cleaners
Small Pom Poms 
Wiggly Eyes

Simply cut pipe cleaners to size and twist around lollipop stick to make 8 legs.  Glue a pom pom onto the legs then glue on two wiggly eyes.  Done :)

Halloween Treats & Party Supplies
I'm not sure if we will trick or treat this year as its during the week and my son has sport on that evening so I was thinking it might be nice to do a mini Halloween party/themed dinner instead.  Just simple, a few spooky treats and still let the kids dress up and do our own trick or treat at home.  How cool are some of these! 

Strawberry Ghosts - How To & Picture via Lucky Boy Co
Spider Cupcakes - How To & Picture via Bright Ideas
Jack O Lantern Cake Pops image via Rock UR Party
(Oreo pops would work awesome for these, find the recipe on our menu under Party Food Recipes.)

Why not really get in the spirit with some Halloween themed party goodies, check out what some of our Whats On 4 Kids Parties advertisers have available for your Halloween celebrations. 

Party Supplies from Fantasy Kids Parties - check out some items from their Boo Bunch tableware range. 

How cute are these Trick or Treat Invites from Little Dance.  Invite other families to go Trick or Treating with you. A great way to interact & get to know other families within your community.

Be sure to also check out our party directory on the website to see what other great Halloween goodies are available. 

I hope you enjoy your Halloween celebrations and have a great time with your family & friends! 

Kate xx


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