Thursday, November 8, 2012

Christmas Advent Calendar Ideas

Well Christmas will soon be upon us again, so a little post today about some cute Advent Calendar ideas to start the big count down to the special day ♥

Must admit we have a bit of a chocolate overload in our house when it comes to the Christmas countdown.  Our children always get given an Advent calendar by their grandparents and then I have a special wooden train Advent Calendar that I purchased when Ethan was born, that I put little sweets into for each of the kids.

Last year we also started a Christmas Book/DVD/CD Advent calendar.  We wrapped up all our Christmas books/dvds & cd's and numbered each of them and then each day the kids would open one and we would spend family time either reading the story, watching the Christmas movie or just listening to Christmas carols.  The kids enjoyed it and it was great to spend that quality time together.

Ours was similar to this one here by Babyccino

Check out some of these other fun ideas.

Tin Pail Advent Calendar, this would be perfect for families with lots of children & can be used year after year :)  by Infarrantly Creative. 

Oh My Goodness, how cute is this one!  Would be perfect for a baby's 1st Christmas ♥ by EAB Designs.

Super funky idea, just using a cupcake tray by Mondocherry.

Simple envelope Advent Calendar.  Have the kids decorate the envelopes & pop a sweet treat inside or a little note in each with a different activity for the family to do each day.  Lovely idea. 
By Z Design

How do you count down to Christmas ?  Would love you to share your traditions or ideas, so please feel free to leave a comment ♥

Kate xx


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