Monday, January 21, 2013

Baby's 1st Birthday ~ Gift Ideas

When our baby's 1st Birthday draws close, it's exciting watching their personality develop and amazing to think of all the things they have accomplished and learnt in just one year, but it's also a tiny bit sad that baby is growing up.  I think we would all agree that our baby's 1st Birthday is a really special, exciting and emotional time for us parents. 

So what are some special gift ideas that are fitting for a baby's very first birthday ?

With my three children it's safe to say their favourite thing was definitely their birthday balloons plus the boxes & wrappings the gifts came in of course haha! But for me I loved receiving special keepsakes that they can keep forever or special toys that they are continuing to use through their early years of childhood. Here are some gifts that have been favourites in my family and also some suggestions from the wonderful likers on my Facebook page. 

Special Keepsakes & Sentimental Gift Ideas

- Time Capsule.  (Have your guests bring along a gift that reflects the year along with a special note and then put it all in a special box and give to your child on their 21st Birthday.  Items such as year coins, wine bottled in that year, newspaper clippings, CD of songs from that year etc). You can make a special box yourself or buy specially made kits. 
Time Capsule Kit from
- Special piece of jewellery such as diamond earrings, Pandora bracelet, charm bracelet or a special jewellery box. (I think every little girl needs a ballerina jewellery box, I was excited to buy one for my baby daughter.) 
Ballerina Jewellery Box from Deals Direct

- Tooth Keeper & First Curl Box
Tooth Keeper from Maney & Boons Sunday Afternoon
- Special book or set of books, such as the Beatrix Potter Collection. 
Beatrix Potter Book Collection from Education Esteem 

Toys & Other Gifts

- Blocks & Shape Sorters ( I dont think you can go wrong with blocks. Classic, educational and still fun. My son Ethan received a simple plastic $10.00 shape sorter for his 1st birthday, it was his favourite toy & is still going strong and is loved by my other two children as well.)
Fisher Price Shape Sorter from Top Buys
- Tea Set (my children love playing tea parties & a tin set such as this, is a classic toy that can be used for years.)
Tin Tea Set from Shop for Tots 

- Cozy Coupe Ride In Car (Hands down the best money we have ever spent.  All 3 kids have one and they love them, they get so much use.  They all got one for their first birthdays.)
Cozy Coupe from Toys r Us

- Kitchen Play Set (Might seem a bit old for a 1 year old but we have a kitchen similar to this and it is one of our most loved toys.  They have clanged about on it since they were babies bringing mummy cups of tea and it still provides hours of fun for them now. Great for role play and hours of fun.)
Kitchen Play Set from Always on Sale

Some other gift ideas shared were - push along bikes, special art work for the child's bedroom, personalised gifts such as drink bottles or bags and money boxes. 

I also have kept all my childrens birthday cards and put them in a special file in their special boxes that they can keep when they are grown up.  I love to hold onto special things like that :)

Hope some of these ideas can help with your little one's big day! 

Kate xx

Make sure you keep an eye on our blog for upcoming posts on 1st Birthdays - party ideas :)


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