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Easter Bunny Rainbow Cupcakes with Easter Egg Centers

(Post from 14 March 2012)

Remember being a child & that overwhelming excitement you felt in the lead up to Easter morning and seeing if the Easter bunny had come during the night? Well I love that now I have my own little people who I watch get that same feeling as they race through the garden and squeal with delight as they find bright coloured eggs hidden throughout the plants & flowers on Easter morning.  I love seeing decorations with gorgeous colours, cute little bunnies & chickens.  Yep, love Easter!
So ive been thinking about what pretty table we could do for Easter this year and I have decided that the kids can do it all themselves! We are currently planning my daughters Baptism celebration morning tea and i have been busy working on my table.  My little boy Ethan, 4 has been with me every step of the way styling along side me, adding his own little touches (& lots of Ben 10 figurines amongst my pretty pink plates & decorations ~ ‘What if we put these here for Paigey’s party Mum?’ hehe, sure Eth!) & it got me thinking that it would be so nice to let them loose on their own table, so thats what will be happening for our Easter this year, I cant wait!  Will be sure to show you pics of their masterpiece after the special day :)
So we thought we would have a little practice of some cute Easter Bunny cupcakes that we will make for Easter. We decided to do some rainbow cupcakes & add in Easter eggs to the center.  These were all the kids doing, my little boys Ethan & Declan and two of my nephews Mayson & Kayden.  They mixed, poured, decorated, made a mess & had a wonderful time doing so!
What you Need;
Cake Mix (im not a baker so we just used packet mix but you can use any cake recipe so long as its a vanilla or similar, so you can colour the mix.)
Patty Pans (we found some cute Easter ones at the Reject Shop, big pack for only $2.00)
Food Colouring
Cake Icing
Small lollies to decorate
Easter Eggs (highly recommend peppermint ones, they taste so good melted!)
What to do;
1. Mix cake mix.  Decide how many colours you would like to use in your rainbow and then separate mix into that amount of small bowls.
2. Add a small amount of food colouring to each bowl and mix.
3.  Spoon mix into patty pans ading a little of each various colour at a time to create a ‘rainbow’ effect.
4.  Place small easter egg into the center of each patty pan.
5.  Bake cakes.  Once cooked remove from oven and cool.
6.  On cool cakes, spread icing.  Cover with coconut.
7. Cut marshmallows into little pieces to make bunny ears and then dip in sprinkles.
8. Add bunny ears to cakes and then add little lollies to make eyes and nose.
9. Take a bite and see gorgeous rainbow coloured insides with yummy melted easter egg centers.
Here are the boys decorated cakes in all their half licked, lop sided glory hehe :)
We hope you and your little ones have fun making these cute little Bunny cupcakes!  Wishing everyone a wonderful Easter and I will be sure to show your our Easter celebrations after the day :)  We would also love to see and share your Easter celebrations, so if you put on a cute dessert table, make some cute decorations or anything you would like to share from your Easter parties, feel free to email them through to me at and ill feature them on the blog!
Kate xx
ps: these also make a cute Easter gift  for grandparents etc, put in a pretty cake box, wrap in cello and you have a yummy handmade Easter gift!
ps: If you would like to see how to make a large rainbow cake, see post here;


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