Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Family Valentines

(Post from 7 February 2012)
So Valentine’s Day is coming up soon and for us gone are the days of celebrating Valentine’s Day with an intimate candle lit dinner, flowers, chocolates … hang on, did we ever celebrate Valentine’s that way ??? hahaha  :) Anyway, now with 3 little ones that’s certainly not going to happen anytime soon, so we will be celebrating as a family by way of a nice home meal, some yummy dessert and quality family time in the evening !
So one dessert we will be serving up will be Oreo Pops with a Valentine’s Day spin on them!  Oreo Pops are quite simply one of the most wonderful things on the planet I believe, they are so yummy!  So here is a little recipe and picture of some we made up!  They are quick & easy and lots of fun for the kids to help make  :) (though always watch little fingers around the food processor.)
Valentines Day Oreo Pops
What you need;
Oreo Biscuits 300g
Cream Cheese 150g
Cooking Chocolate / Melts
Food Processor
Lollipop Sticks/ Popsticks/ Straws (we used pink & red retro spotty straws in ours)
Sprinkles, lollies etc to decorate
Step by Step;
Step 1.  Put Oreos into food processer and blend until biscuits become fine crumbs.
Step 2. Cut cream cheese into 6 small pieces and add into the biscuit mix.  Blend until mixture clumps together.
Step 3.   Roll mixture into bite size round balls and place on a lined tray.
Step 4. Place lollipop stick (or similar) into the centre of each ball.
Step 5.  Refrigerate until firm.
Step 6. Once firm – melt chocolate (If you melt enough chocolate in a bowl deep enough to completely cover the  oreo balls during the dipping process, this makes things a lot easier :) )
Step 7. Gently dip oreo ball into chocolate, lift and gently turn to remove excess chocolate (or use a spoon.)
Step 8. Decorate with sprinkles/lollies etc
Step 9. Place back on tray and refrigerate.
Step 10. Eat and Enjoy!
I hope you all enjoy celebrating Valentines Day with your loved ones!
Kate xx


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